Who we are

Established on 29.03.2015, African Diaspora e.V. is a network to connect African youths or youths of African descent to work together towards facilitating integration and promoting leadership in Germany.

The organisation was founded by young students and professionals of African descent from different parts of Germany, and is run by the same. Management is comprised of three board members and six board mandates.



African Diaspora e.V. was born after a five day workshop in Cologne, which was initiatited by its partner organisations Junge afrikanische und andere Diaspora e.V. (MigrAfrica) in Cologne and African Diaspora Youth Network in Europe (ADYNE) in Belgium.

During the workshop, the young students and professionals who met in Cologne engaged in various activities e.g. visiting a refugee residence in order to identify major obstacles faced by Africans in diaspora and explore how African Diaspora e.V. can respond and what role it can play in redeeming the situation.

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